Cooperation in the Year 2003

    The Program, Hand in Hand and Teaching Reform, was designed to help improve qualities of universities in backward areas. Nankai University cooperated with Yunnan Normal University in this regard. The teachers from Yunnan Normal University were trained for 5 man-years in Nankai University, and 3 students from Yunnan Normal University were enrolled for graduate program in Nankai University in 2003, and students from Yunnan Normal University perusing master degree totaled 8 in 2003; Another 3 students from Yunnan Normal University have been enrolled for graduate program 2004. Software School, Nankai University, and Teaching Department, Yunnan Normal University, signed an agreement at Qunming City in Aug. 2003, as to jointly develop Teaching and Teaching Management System for Yunan Normal University. The System is to be completed and test-run is to be done in June 2004. The System is developed to promote Yunnan Normal University reform of teaching and teaching management. Two technicians from Yunnan Normal University have joined the development. Five teachers, from Yunnan Normal University, funded by the Program loan, attended a series of seminars aiming at promoting foreign university practices for science majorfs labs, which were held at Yanji, Wuhan, Hangzhou, etc.


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