March 6, Conference on Promotion of Construction of National Basic Course Lab Teaching Demonstration Center convened, and construction of lab center in the semester planned.

    June 4, A Meeting of Governing Committee for Large Scale Instrument 2003, Nankai University convened, where discussion was conducted of the committee responsibility, practical stipulations of large-scale instrument platform, and scientific platform of large-scale instrument, open fund for large-scale instrument, and maintenance fund for large-scale instrument.

    July 12?13, Feasibility Study Meeting of Research Platform of Life Science and Test and Preparation Platform convened.

July 14, notice of bidding for Super Group Computer, Nankai Star, on the University LAN. Aug.5, bid opened. Aug.15, a successful bidder announced on the University network. Aug.27, the contract signed.

    Aug. 15, Software School, Nankai University, and Teaching Department, Yunnan Normal University, signed an agreement at Qunming City in Aug. 2003, as to jointly develop Teaching and Teaching Management System for Yunan Normal University. The System is to be completed and test-run is to be done in June 2004. The System is developed to promote Yunnan Normal University reform of teaching and teaching management.

    Nov 3, Meeting of Construction of Lab Teaching for Science Majors convened, where attended were deans of science schools, Nankai University, and representatives of teachers.

    Nov. 24, the first batch of Super Group Computer, Nankai Star, arrived at site.


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