Construction of key labs

    Meng Minwei Building with floor space of 9,130 meters square was open to business in May, 2003, which accommodates the National Key Lab for Absorptive Separation High Molecular Materials, the Institute for High Molecular Chemistry and School of Environmental Science and Engineering. 4.03 million Chinese yuan has been spent on utilities, lab furniture and lab facilities.
    9 million Chinese yuan has been spent in 2003 on the revamp of three buildings with floor space of 11000 meters square, the No.Six Teaching Building, the No. Tow Teaching Building ( Siyuan Building), the Physical and Chemical Building. The revamp includes utilities, lab conditions, fire-fighting facilities and procurement of lab furniture. National Key Lab for Element Organic Chemistry, and the National Key Center for Agrochemical Engineering stay in the No.Six Teaching Building; Medical School stays in the No Two Teaching Building (Siyuan Building), the Material Chemistry Dept. stays in the Physical and Chemical Building.


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