Managing of Fixed Assets

    To regulate the managing of fixed assets and to prevent the public assets from losing, Nankai Univ. promulgated managing regulations and stipulations, such as Complementary Managing Notes of Computer Accessory and Update, and the Nankai Univ Stipulation of Software Managing, and Nankai Univ Practical Regulation of Maintenance Fund for Large Scale Instrument.
    To simplify registration formality, financial formality and replace fixed assets registration cards, computer is used to manage instrument fixed assets presently.
    By the end of year 2003, Nankai Univ. instrument and facilities have totaled 30.790 pieces, worth 3.2645 million Chinese yuan. We purchased 63.4 million yuan of facilities in 2002, totaling 6791 pieces. Allocated or obsolete facilities totaled 1782 pieces, worth 16.11yuan in 2003. 86 sets of computers, 600000 of net value, were given, after updated, to primary or secondary schools in Xinjiang and Jixian, Tianjin. 85 sets of computers or printers (net value of 540000 yuan) were reallocated among different departments or offices in Nankai Univ.


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