Large Scale and Expensive Instrument

Management,Construction of Lab Platform

    The University LAN is used to manage the open platform of large-scale instrument. The test and analytical instruments of similar function, including HNMR, belonging to different departments, are connected to form a test platform by using the LAN. The group computer of high performance, Nankai Star, consisting of 128 CPU, is open to community.
    To meet the requirements for academic development, the research platform of life science and the preparation platform of advanced materials are in operation. Attended the feasibility studies of the two platforms were Prof Ding Mingxiao, the dean of the Life Science School, Beijing University, Prof. Zhou Haimeng, the dean of the Science School, Tsinghua University, Mr. Li Lipu, a researcher, Chemical Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Lin Yaowang, Semiconductor Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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