Purchasing of Super Group Computer, Nankai Star

    Under the leadership of Nankai University Bidding Governing Group, the teachers of Scientific Computation Institute, Nankai University, after conducting technical exchanges with suppliers, reviewing sample computers, worked out ITBs and biding evaluation procedures. The ITB was put on the University LAN on July 14, 2003. The sealed tender was opened on Aug. 5, 2003. 12 bidders competed for the bid. The successful bidder, Futong Tiandi Computer Co, Inc (an agent for IBM products), Beijing, were announced on the University LAN on Aug.15, 2003 after careful evaluation of the bidding documents. In the negotiation of the contract, the Bidding Governing Group took into account the comments and suggestions of the law professors of Faculty of Law and Political Science, Nankai University. The contract was signed on Aug.27, 2003, among the Institute of Scientific Computation, Nankai Univ, China Teaching Instrument and Equipment Co (an agent for import for Nankai University), and Futong Tiandi Computer Co, Inc., (an agent for IBM products).
    128 CPU arrived at the site on Nov. 24, 2003 and put into operation after being accepted.


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