There have been 53 labs in operation in Nankai Univ. by the end of 2003, with floor space of 36935 kilos square:
    Two national key labs: the Lab for High Molecular Absorptive Separation Materials; the Labs for Element Organic Chemistry.
    Four key labs at Ministry of Education level: the Labs for Optic-Information Science and Technology; the Lab for Bioactivity Materials; the Lab for Composition and Kernel Math; the Lab for ---- Nonlinear Optic Materials and Preparation Technology.
    One national key engineering research center: the National Center for Agrochemical Engineering Research (Tianjin).
    One key lab at Ministry of Science and Technology level: the Lab for Robot Network of 863 Program.
    Seven key labs at Tianjin Municipality level: the Lab for Info-optic Materials and Technology; the Green Agrochemical Lab; the Lab for Inorganic Advanced Material; the Lab for Microbial Functional Genome; the Lab for Urban Ecology Restoration and Anti-pollution; the Lab for Optic-electric and Electric Thin Film Elements Technology; the Composition Math Lab.
    Six Centers for Basic Experiment teaching of Science: the Physic Center; the Chemical Center; the Biology Center; the Electrical and Electric Center; the Medical Center; the Environmental Center.
    Nankai Univ. can offer 1124 test classes, with testing hours of 26976; Technician with professional titles total 341 in this University.


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